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Elul Sermons

Sermons in the month of Elul (just prior to Rosh HaShanah) are meant to have a different tone to help you prepare for the holy work necessary during High Holy Days. 

If you missed a few services, or would like to listen again, two are included below. Just click on the link. See you soon ~ L’ Shanah Tovah!


Ki Teitze:


Rabbi Cantor's Corner


May ~ the Counting of the Omer / a March  toward Destiny ~ Am Yisrael Chai! 


The husband of Lori Gilbert-Kaye, who sacrificed her life to save the Poway Chabad Rabbi who was shot last Saturday, was quoted as saying;

"God picked her to die to send a message because she's such an incredible person,"  "He took her for a higher purpose to send this message to fight Anti-Semitism.

It's challenging to think in these terms, especially when faced with a tragic loss. However, if a husband can go so far as to feel this way about his beloved (and God) I implore you.. shouldn't we? 

There is so much about life that we cannot control or understand. We must have faith that there is a plan, a higher purpose - even to the craziness we are experiencing in these times. Unfortunately, great change does not happen without casualty, chaos, and loss. 

The climate of hatred and Anti-Semitism brewing in our country and world is far too reminiscent of the not too distant past. We must not succumb, hide, or run. On the contrary, we must do more, show up more, wear our Judaism with pride, be resolute, and strong! 

We had evidence of this last month with two amazing Passover Seders. Over 150 people ate and participated in the retelling of our Exodus story, as we are commanded to do. Adding a second Seder this year and a new Haggadah for each kept things fresh, entertaining, and spiritually satisfying. Many thanks to all who made these Seders possible: Diana Wolff, Debra Goldberg, and Judi Fradkin, along with their respective committees and wonderful volunteers: Dan Spector who provided soulful piano and Carey Brenner on percussion for Second Night.    



In accordance with staying strong, we have two big Open Houses coming up in May. It is more important now than ever to grow our Congregation and our presence in the South Bay. We are the only Synagogue in Torrance. Please invite as many people as possible to our upcoming events. 

In the words of Rabbi Israel Goldstein, (in Poway from his hospital bed)

"Nothing will take us down. A lot of light will push away the darkness .. we are not alone... we are all in this together!! Am Yisrael Chai!"

The People/ Nation of Israel Lives!! We are a People who will NOT be stamped out, stopped or extinguished. 

Share the JOY of EMET with someone NEW.. 

Bring a friend!!  ~ 


Standing with you, 

as always,

Rabbi Cantor Didi






Mon, June 24 2024 18 Sivan 5784