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Rabbi Cantor's Corner


It has been one Sizzling Hot Summer!!!
And, Temple Emet has been "the" place to be! 


In June, we started off in our Sanctuary with the blessed union of Lynn & Dave Staab. We wish them a hearty Mazal Tov and a lifetime of happiness! 



On July 14th, we had a fabulous Sisterhood Installation!

A special thank you to ALL of these special ladies who do SO much to make our Temple all it is! And, to Wendy Wengrow their wonderful leader -who stepped up valiantly to chant Torah especially for the occasion. What a fine model of leadership she is! 



Our special Sabbath Services, and Suppers, have been full to overflowing and promise to be as well for this month as well. 

Please invite your friends to "Feel the Difference of Emet" at our upcoming Open Houses:
August 3rd ~ 

Deli Supper! 

(Hosted by Diana Wolff & Temple Emet in honor of this evening's Board Installation)

August 17th* ~ 

Mediterranean Supper! 

(Hosted by Bonnie Leopold and her team)

August 24th ~ 
 BBQ Supper!
 (Hosted by The Men's Club)

*The 17th will include an art activity for children. Our full family service will resume in October. 

A special shout out to Mark Reichard who has been working SO hard ALL SUMMER to get the ALEPH-BET SCROLL and 12 TRIBES done in time for High Holy Days on September 9th. He, Elias Resnisky, and Saundra Reichard have been quite consumed ~ but Mark, in this sweltering heat, really deserves extra merit (both in this world and on high) for his amazing artistry and devotion to this project and Emet! Thank you, Mark!  See column below for photos and ordering information. 

As mentioned, HIGH HOLY DAYS 5779 ARE COMING!!!! (See the High Holidays column below for details)

HEBREW BOOT CAMP is taking place over the next five Thursdays in August @ 7 pm.Learn the Hebrew alphabet, and each letter's meaning in Kabbalah. Master the vowels and put both together for beginning reading skills in time for the New Year! 

And lastly, because we are so good at getting together (and people have mentioned to me they can't make the TuesdayMovie Nite), we are starting something NEW!!

The A-List Movie Club!
People (who choose to) can join the AMC A-List Monthly club for $19.99 and see up to 3 movies per week of their choosing in ANY theater! This will enable us to go on any day WITHOUT restriction. Link to AMC A-List Sign-up. Or contact me if you are interested in joining the club. Mark and I have already signed up. 

For Tuesday Movie Night goers (who join) they will no longer need to wait to see something amazing that's just been released. We can send a notice out and all go see the film earlier without waiting for movie night. 


For example, if something hot has been released - we'll send a notice saying, 


"Sunday 3pm .... whether you are A List or not come join us!" 


The advantage of being A-List is not having to pay multiple times. 

For those with the Club card we will keep a list of members and if someone wants to catch a movie - spur of the moment - no one ever has to go alone, or run into other Temple members and say, "Oh, we could have come together!!"


Dan Spector, our terrific Music Coordinator is starting choirs and bands for youth & adults ~ please contact him or me if you are interested ....  NOW!!!!

5 Thursday's in August 
7 pm - learn to read and their meaning in Kabbalah. 

SO much going on, and High Holy Day preparations as well!! The Soloists, Musicians, Dan, and I have already begun. My sermons are underway. And, volunteers are learning Torah, Haftarah and are deep in planning. 

This month begin YOURS as well. Don't wait until September 9th! 

The process of introspection and reflection can begin NOW... 

Looking forward to seeing you!  ~ Rabbi Cantor Didi  

**This summer our Congregation celebrated the life of an amazing young man, Matt Schwartzer, who was much loved by so many of us here at Temple Emet, and throughout the South Bay.  Our love goes out to his parents Maureen and Don, and his sister Lauren. There were over 200 people in attendance at  his service last month at Portofino. Many thanks to all of the generous donations from his friends and family - over $6000 was donated on behalf of Matt's behalf to Temple Emet. Matt loved us, and wanted us to do well. 


Matt, we wish you eternal peace and blessing! 

Thu, August 16 2018 5 Elul 5778