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President's Column

My Dear Friends,

     It is a very humbling experience when something happens that you have always said was never going to happen. I have now learned ( I think)  to never  say never! When it became apparent that I was indeed going to become President of Temple Emet, I kept hearing a voice in my head. It said HINENI!

      That's what Abraham said when God told him to gather up brush and twigs  to prepare to sacrifice his son Isaac. HINENI. Here I am!

I have never been particularly happy with that story. The idea that God could ask someone to destroy his own beloved child just to prove his faith has never sat well with me. But Abraham's response-HERE I AM has stayed with me a long time.

      Sometimes in our lives we are asked to step up and do something that seems overwhelming, unreachable, unbearably demanding, impossible. Our first inclination is often to say NO-I can't do this. It's too much. Please don't ask me to do this. But then there is Abraham's HINENI. Here I am. Maybe I can.  You're testing my faith. OK-maybe I  really can. OK- I'm  willing to  try.

      I believe there are no accidents. I believe things happen for a reason. I believe we are all on a path, and that when we agree to follow that path, we are in harmony with our soul and with God. Perhaps this is my path after all.

      So HINENI. Here I am. Preparing  to guide the ship of our  precious Temple Emet into the future. I am inspired by our beloved Rabbi-Cantor Didi, whose mind works like a steel trap, and who never stops thinking of ways to enhance the beauty and wonder of our  temple,  who never stops thinking about how to enhance the spiritual experience of this  awesome congregation and who is constantly looking for ways to add to  our fun experiences by  travelling together, having  lunches and dinners together,  and partying together. 

       I'm inspired by the people in this  congregation, YOU,  who  show up at  our services and events, who  support us with your time, your  skills, and yes, with your money. Because Temples need money to survive so they can be around when they are needed for Simchas  and Shivas and everything in between.  And you, my fellow congregants, my  wonderful Temple family, keep stepping up to the plate every time we ask you. You too, say HINENI. How awesome is that?

     I want to thank Terry Schneier for her hard work and generosity. Health takes precedence over everything else and we understand that. Thanks to Mark Reichard for his willingness to step up to Executive VP to provide sustainable succession should it be needed. Mark's expertise is invaluable and I promised him he wouldn't have to do anything other than what he is already doing, (which is a lot!) except in an emergency!

So OK  I will. I promise to do my very best . The learning curve, as we say in my field of  Education, is very steep. But I have Terry as Immediate Past President  and  Mark as Executive Vice President  to help and guide me.  We have a talented,  committed, and hard-working Board of Trustees for me to work with. And YOU?  Well-  you  have got Dr. Diana Wolff,  Emeritus  Professor of Teacher Education and Special Education, and former Department Chair of TEACHER EDUCATION at CSU Dominguez Hills,  ready to make the climb up that steep hill.   But no matter how steep that curve is, with you all by  my side, working with me, together we'll  make wonders happen! 

     This year as we celebrate  Leonard Bernstein's 100th birthday, I'd like to conclude  with  the metaphorical words of the finale in his opera, CANDIDE: "We'll build our house and chop our wood and make our garden grow!" I look forward to seeing you at all our temple events and services.



Diana Wolff 





Board of Trustees



President: Diana Wolff

1st Vice-President:  Mark Reichard

2nd Vice President:  Sue Jones

3rd Vice President:  Karen Greenberg

4th Vice President:  Roger Peterson

Sisterhood President:  Sunny Moss

Treasurer:  Linda Klugman

Recording Secretary:  Saundra Reichard

Past President:  Terry Schneier



Two Year Term

Amy Wolff

Elias Resnisky

Judi Fradkin


One Year Term

David Applebaum

Harriet Allyn

Gina McLeod



Wed, March 21 2018 5 Nisan 5778