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President's Column

As I write this it is still Passover, and the warm feelings generated by our Seders are still glowing. Our full house at the first Seder testified to the hard work of so many. Many thanks to Judi Fradkin, Debra Goldberg, Pat Alexander, Shoshana Karpin, Sandra Horowitz and Amy Wolff. Those new Haggadot (two different ones for each Seder) were in place and ready to use. I really liked them and hope those of you in attendance liked them too. Our second Seder (sorry I couldn’t be there!) was also a success. Thanks to Debra Goldberg who, with help from Judi Fradkin even though she couldn’t be there, who worked so hard to make it all happen. Of course there are always little glitches! A couple of people had their names spelled wrong on the place cards. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but people are very cranky about the spelling of their names. I know this because there are still people (after all these years) who call me Diane! Now I have nothing against that name except that I am Diana! And it irks me to be called Diane-so I understand and apologize for your name’s misspelling! Please give us your feedback about the Seders you attended. We want to know what works and what doesn’t, so we can make next year’s Seders even better.

We have our first New Member Open Houses coming up-two in May-Our Cinco de Mayo with Taco Truck (Thanks Sue Jones!) on May 3rd (No Deli dinner that night) and Saturday May 11-with a lovely Kiddish luncheon. On Friday May 17 there will be a Lay-Led service with Sisterhood President, Wendy Wengrow, in charge. There will be lovely music by Dan Spector and the Choir and Band, a sermon by me following up on the Angelic Intervention sermon I gave at our last lay-led service, and an experience with healing in the bio-field led by Amy Wolff, Reiki Master and certified Bio-Field Practitioner. When we can help ourselves to get rid of toxic pain and anxiety we can be more able to focus on prayer. Many of our congregants will be participating with English Readings. We hope you’ll make every effort to join us.

Our GALA is coming up on June 30th. Oh what fun that’s going to be! Make sure you buy your tickets soon! This is a MAJOR FUND RAISER for our congregation and we want 100% of you there to support it! You can be a sponsor or just a participant-just be there!

You will be getting invoices soon asking you to pay your dues for 2019-2020 now. It will really help us if you can pay all-or even a part of those dues right now. You will notice that there is an additional $100 being requested. This is to help us pay for security at our events. We have to have security now-it’s a different world. We try very hard not to raise our dues, but we really have to do this and we hope you’ll understand the need. We had the first of our security drills at our last Saturday service. There will be more. Earthquakes, Fires, Intruders- all require us to have a plan of action in place. There will be drills in upcoming services (just like they have in the schools) so expect them.

May is a beautiful month-enjoy it!


Diana Wolff


Board of Trustees



President: Diana Wolff

1st Vice-President:  Mark Reichard

2nd Vice President:  Sue Jones

3rd Vice President:  Karen Greenberg

4th Vice President:  Roger Peterson

Sisterhood President:  Wendy Wengrow

Treasurer:  Linda Klugman

Recording Secretary:  Saundra Reichard

Past President:  Terry Schneier



Two Year Term

Judi Fradkin

Debra Goldberg

Elias Resnisky

Amy Wolff


One Year Term

Harriet Allyn

Natalie Spencer



Fri, April 26 2019 21 Nisan 5779