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We meet via Zoom at 9:30 on a Shabbat after a Friday night service

This parasha continues further instructions that God gave Moses about the Mishkan, its contents, and its consecration. Oddly, Moses is not mentioned explicitly in Tetzaveh - or perhaps not so oddly, since the focus is on Aharon and his sons' priestly duties. In addition to clothes, there is a focus on the senses - sound, smell and sight associated with holy worship.

What does the high priest's unique costume tell us about how we should dress when we approach God for prayer? We can discuss what is considered appropriate dress over our history, and what it means to us here in Southern California.

This Shabbat is also Shabbat Zachor - always the Shabbat immediately before Purim. Tetzaveh is about appearances in service to God - Purim is about how the antisemite Haman manipulated appearances and almost annihilated the Jews.

Parashat Tetzaveh - Exodus 27:20-30:10 read it here.

There is a special haftorah for Zachor - from First Samuel, where Saul disobeyed God's instructions through Samuel to wipe out every Amalekite, and did not kill the Amalekite general. Samuel fixed the problem by lopping off the general's head with a sword the next day, but not, according to legend, before the general got a generous 'last night' that included a slave girl, whom he impregnated. That girl's descendant was Haman.

Haftarat Zachor - I Samuel 15:2 - 15:34 read it here.

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Join us for Torah study on the Saturday mornings when we have a service. No experience necessary, just a desire to know more about Jewish scripture. Books are available at the Temple to follow along.

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Wed, June 7 2023 18 Sivan 5783