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Message from Sisterhood President

Dear Sisters and Friends,

I hope you will plan to join us at our meeting on February 27.  This is not a board meeting.  All members are welcome.  At the January meeting, there were 12 of us. There would have been more except that our meeting was in conflict with the Torrance City Council Meeting and several of our members were there to support their husbands who were in the running for commissions.

Are you looking forward to our gala "A Night in Old Cuba" on February 10?  There are still some tickets available. I want to thank all of our sisters who have volunteered to help at the gala.  If you would like to spend 30 minutes helping out at the gala, let me know.  There's always room for more helpers. 

There were at least 14 temple members at the Norris Theater to see "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" on Sunday, January 28.  We were 8 at dinner at Giorgio's.  Good play, good food, and good company. What could be better.  Line dancing classes started Sunday, January 21 with Hilda Weintraub as our teacher. What fun!  There were 9 of us at the first meeting and we learned 2 dances.  We will continue in February.  Of course, Super Bowl will pre-empt the class on February 4, but we'll be there on the other Sundays starting at 4 p.m.  The class will be a $5 donation for Temple members and $10 for non-members.

Natalie Spencer is always glad to hear from those wishing to sponsor Onegs or flowers for the bimah. Please call her at 310-370-7171 to secure your date for your important occasions. Also, please bring goodies for the Oneg. It doesn't have to be sweets; it can be nuts, fruit, cheese.

Thanks to those of you who participate in our projects to raise money for the temple and for Sisterhood. There's; the Ralphs card (you register online and have to re-register every September); scrip sales through Hilda Weintraub (current drive ends February 5); and the pushke box. Any questions about any of these projects?  Please contact Sisterhood and we'll get you started. It isn't that much money but every little bit helps. I will bring my laptop to temple to help you register for Ralphs and/or Amazon. The pushke boxes are on the table as you enter the temple. Our Ralphs participation has grown 50%. Let's continue to grow.

Please join us! I'm hoping that you want to be active in our loving community. 

Your Sisterhood President, Sunny Moss or 310-540-2603

Join Sisterhood - membership

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All women who are members of Temple Emet are welcome to join! 





We invite you to join the Sisterhood of Temple Emet and become part of a friendly, diverse, and caring community of women. We offer a number of opportunities to socialize, celebrate and worship together, and to contribute to the well-being of our congregation and community. All women who are members of Temple Emet are invited to join Sisterhood. 

Sisterhood is the right arm of Temple Emet. We are involved mostly behind the scenes to ensure our Temple's needs are met.  As a Sisterhood member, there are many opportunities to involve yourself in Temple life: Shabbat “Meet and Greet” greeters, the first and third of the month Shabbat Friday Night Services and the second Saturday of the month Shabbat Service, classes, community out-reach programs, discussions and presentations of community speakers, plus religious and secular events to name a few.  Our one desire is to help make our Temple activities as successful as possible.  We pride ourselves in doing the best job possible both collectively and individually.

           Another way to help our Temple is to use the Scrip Program brought to us by Hilda Weintraub. When we purchase scrip for personal items such as food, gas, apparel, restaurants, gifts of all kinds including entertainment tickets for movies and theme parks, we pay the standard price and add nothing more. Please know that the difference between the amount you pay for the scrip card you purchase and the lesser amount Sisterhood pays to the scrip company for that card (the “rebate” percentage) is your tax-deductible donation to Temple Emet Sisterhood. Please read and utilize the monthly email listing of hundreds of vendors who may change from month to month, then send your selections to Hilda's email address at: When you email Hilda your order please designate which card value you want to order if the card is available in different amounts. Then send your check, made out to Temple Emet Sisterhood to Natalie Spencer at 19521 Linda Drive, Torrance 90503.  You will receive the scrip within a short time.  It's a win-win situation for you and our wonderful Temple.

            Our desire is to have all Temple Emet women belong to Sisterhood.  The more ladies we have, the more we can do to ensure our Temple's success. And with many hands doing the work, the labor does not fall on a few good-hearted sisters,   rather, the work is spread among many. I find the Sisters of Tempel Emet are kind, loving, smart, caring women who are willing to do what it takes to get the job done.  I've always said that when you join Sisterhood, you are giving yourself a lasting gift of like-minded, wonderful friends. 

             Shalom and with love, your Sisterhood President, Sunny Moss



Wed, March 21 2018 5 Nisan 5778