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Rosh Hashanah Service Day 2

Friday, September 22, 2017 • 2 Tishrei 5778

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Rosh Hashannah Day Two Meditation, Prayer and Sound Healing

Before going shopping I often make a list of what is needed at home. The list helps me stay on track and not purchase items that we really do not need. Staying on track is important for shopping and in our everyday lives. And so we are in the month of Elul. As my teachers have often suggested, this is a time for reflection. Time to make our personal list. Time to review the calendar of the past year and see what I have learned. This task is known as Heshbon HaNefesh, the accounting of our souls. No one else can do this for us. We look inside at our character traits (such as generosity, compassion,anger, trust, honor, truth) to see where can we improve. The list begins... Where did I fall short (did I forget to cancel an appointment?). What was missing in my actions? What new actions would bring some holiness to my life? Where did I overschedule my day? Was I kind to my partner in life? Did I do enough volunteer services? How could I improve my relationship with the God of my understanding, with my spouse, with my self? What can I let go? Begin now to reflect.

We will stand before God on Rosh Hashannah and bring our list. In the words of Hannah Senesh " I want to make a confession, to give an accounting to myself..and to God. In other words, to measure my life and actions against the lofty ideals I've set for myself. To compare that which should have been with that which was" In prayer and meditation we will sit in the presence of the Holy.

Using our Mishkan Hanefesh, Machzor for the Days of Awe, readings and meditations will guide us on this healing journey of our souls. The sound of the shofar, tibetan and crystal singing bowls will assist our inward journey to our souls.

Bring your machzor, tallit if you like, and dress comfortable.

No ticket required.

10am to 11:30am. Temple Emet Sanctuary

Chaplain Bonnie Leopold

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