President's Column

Many of you have heard that on November 8, some of the South Bay clergy are having a panel discussion to discuss approaches to gun violence in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.  When this event was discussed initially,  it was going to be primarily a prayer vigil, and the Board of  Temple Emet volunteered to participate in that event. When both the date of the event and its focus changed from prayer to politics, the Board voted to withdraw from it and not participate as a synagogue.  We have always worked diligently to steer clear of the politics that divides us. That is one of the ways that Temple Emet does things inclusively! You are, off course, welcome to attend individually.  Information about the event is posted on our website and in the newsletter below. 

We are continuing to look for another church to rent our building on Sundays.  Our amazing realtor, Judi Fradkin, is bringing a prospective renter next week.

If you have enjoyed the October activities and are looking forward to future events, and you do not yet volunteer, please contact 

Amy Wolff or Sue Jones at

You can go to Temple and discover everything that's going on and you can even reserve space and pay on line!

Thank you to all who give so much to the community that is Temple Emet!

Terry Schneier






Board of Trustees



President:  Terry Schneier

1st Vice-President:  Diana Wolff

2nd Vice President:  Sue Jones

3rd Vice President:  Karen Greenberg

4th Vice President:  Roger Peterson

Treasurer:  Linda Klugman

Recording Secretary:  Saundra Reichard

Past President:  Mark Reichard



Two Year Term

Amy Wolff

Elias Resnisky

Judi Fradkin


One Year Term

David Applebaum

Harriet Allyn

Gina McLeod



Sun, December 17 2017 29 Kislev 5778