President's Column

As we conclude our wonderful observance of the days of awe and move towards our festivals of thanksgiving (both religious and secular),  I have many people to thank for making our High Holy Days so important and memorable.

First and foremost -there are no adequate words to acknowledge the power and divinity of our very special Rabbi-Cantor Didi. Her words percolate in our minds as we move forward in the new year. Her music leaves me (and maybe you as well) breathless. We are so fortunate that she is our spiritual leader.

Diana Wolff is an absolute wonder! In addition to being our Executive Vice President, and in charge of music, Diana took on the gigantic job of chairing our High Holy Days committee. I am very grateful to Diana for all that she did and does. The High Holy Day committee consisting of Mark and Saundra Reichard, Wendy Wengrow, Judi Fradkin and Nita Birnbaum, with help from Mark Tannin, Elias Resnisky and Linda Klugman, accomplished all of the tasks, big and small, that created our wonderful High Holy Days.

Did you notice that before High Holy Days, the paint was touched up around the building and the carpets were cleaned? Thank you, Elias Resnisky and Mark Reichard for taking such good care of our facility.

Nerme (Leslie Sharp), our musical director, took on the additional job of conducting the soloists along with the musicians throughout High Holy Days. She did a fantastic job!

Thank you to world famous cellist RusLan Biryukov, for our soulful Kol Nidre and for donating 36 cards to Temple Emet allowing the owner of the card to download his latest CD for a $18 donation. RusLan is lovely and generous!

Thank you to our four soloists: Kathryn Cunningham-Alto, VanNessa Hulme-Soprano, Perry Hayes-Tenor and Donald Perry-Bass/Baritone, whose voices elevated our prayers. 

We appreciate all of the musicians: Karen Case-flute, Ann Patterson-sax, clarinet and oboe, Marianne Rotstein-violin, Dwain Roque-percussion, Kael Sharp-trumpet, Hilda Weintraub-harp and Amy Wolff-French horn.

Isn't it wonderful to have such accomplished shofar blowers? Thank you to Tony Wolff, Amy Wolff, Karen Greenberg, Kael Sharp, Jason Klugman and our newest addition, Miles Rivera. It is so meaningful to pass this skill, L'dor V'dor, from generation to generation, ensuring the future of our synagogue!

Sisterhood sponsored the flowers for Rosh Hashanah and the Men's Club (shhhh) sponsored them for Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur. Thank you!

We had a fabulous "break the fast" potluck thanks to the organizational skills of Candi Olit and the hard work of Judi Fradkin and Tilde Resnisky, and their volunteer army of kitchen help. And of course, the generosity of all who contributed food and drink!

Finally, my thanks goes to each and every one of you, our members and friends, for your participation every day in the miracle that is Temple Emet.

Terry Schneier






Board of Trustees



President:  Terry Schneier

1st Vice-President:  Diana Wolff

2nd Vice President:  Sue Jones

3rd Vice President:  Karen Greenberg

4th Vice President:  Roger Peterson

Treasurer:  Linda Klugman

Recording Secretary:  Saundra Reichard

Past President:  Mark Reichard



Two Year Term

Amy Wolff

Elias Resnisky

Judi Fradkin


One Year Term

David Applebaum

Harriet Allyn



Sat, October 21 2017 1 Cheshvan 5778