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"Everything Emet Eats" Cookbook is here!

Cookbooks are here and available for purchase! The books are $18.00  

To purchase your copy, call, text, or email Judi Fradkin  at (310)612-2031 or judi@templeemet.org

Make check payable to Temple Emet Sisterhood.  They will make the perfect Mothers Day gift.  

Passover is Here! 

(And, it's hard to believe.)


Amidst the rush of tax preparation and meetings with accountants everyone must pause and think about the coming of Pesach and the work ahead. 

While getting our financial house in order, we must also consider our physical and spiritual ones as well. 

We must look at the things which fill our cupboards and souls with excess and set ourselves free - removing all chametz from our lives. (Cookies, cakes, products with leavening allowed to rise, as well as certain legumes, etc..)

On Friday April 7th, "Shabbat HaGadol," it is the Rabbi's duty to go over this process of preparation and review what constitutes "chametz." 

I encourage everyone to attend and receive your bag with a candle, feather, and spoon to properly search your home - even if just ceremonially - and join us on Monday morning April 10th for our annual pancake breakfast at Hof's Hut in Torrance at 9:30 am. We will burn our chametz together following breakfast. 

Forms to "sell your chametz" are available again - back by popular request! If you click on the link below and participate you will be free from any chametz overlooked and have added insurance if you are traveling or are simply just not up to the physical task. 

For more details, please come to services on the 7th at 7:30pm.

Sell Your Chametz Here

At 6:00 pm on Monday the 10th we will gather for our 7th Community Seder. If you haven't yet gotten in your RSVP please do so today!

Community Seder Entree Choices

Beef Brisket, Salmon with Dill Sauce, Cornish Hen with Apricot glaze, or Vegetable Plate.

$75 members, $80 non members, $42 child under 12

Pay Here

On April 18th, our monthly dinner and movie nite will take place (a week later) to allow for second night seders. Details will be emailed closer to the time. 

On April 22nd, we will celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of Reese Tillson with family and friends. Come join us at 10am. 


On another note, I was honored this past month to officiate as a new mezuzah was hung on the main front door of Hillside Memorial Park's administration building. Their massive front doors have two big Hebrew letter "shins" as door handles (to honor Adonai) but now there is a beautiful mezuzah as well ~ what a blessing!



There is always room for improvement and opportunities placed before us to grow. Passover, a time of rebirth and renewal, offers us hope for the future as we relive our past. 

As we recount the miracle of our redemption from slavery, in our Synagogue and personal Seders, let us reach to be all we can be as we take control of our destiny and do the work to set ourselves free! 

Chag Sameach ~ Rabbi Didi 


Red Carpet Photos - Academy Awards

Some "Red Carpet" photos of our Academy Awards Event!


Superbowl 51 - at Temple Emet

Sat, 29 April 2017 3 Iyar 5777