Menorah Lighting - 1st Night

Message from Rabbi Cantor Didi 

Chanukah ~ A Time of Miracles & Joy!  


This month we gather amidst family and friends to celebrate the military victory a small group can make over the mighty - religious righteousness  and the freedom to choose over those who would destroy and oppress. As well as the traditional story of a small cruze of oil that lasted not one, but eight days. 

Miracles are everywhere if we look closely; the smile of a friend, the touch of a loved one, a helping hand reaching out to support when in need. 

We have survived thousands of years of persecution to be a free people and the light unto the nations God promised. 

Come join us on December 12th at 5pm as we kindle the light of the first night of Chanukah, together, at Torrance City Hall. We are the first Jewish Synagogue to ever have a building and Reform worship  community in the the City and have been asked to kindle the light on behalf of all. 

This night would normally be our Temple movie night. Instead, we will light the Chanukiah ~ creating our own bit of miracle and majesty as we gather together and thenD all go out for our monthly dinner. Come join us for one or both!

As for Shabbat we will have our usual Friday evening services and the second Saturday which will be starting later at 10:30 from now on. Also note the Torah Study times will be a bit later too which may enable more to attend! (See the President's column, Torah Study and Calendar, for more information.)

December 1st we had our monthly First Friday Service, with Shabbat dinner before, at the New York Deli. We had over 25 people last month and this month ~ it was amazing!  Please mark your calendars for next month on January 5th at 5:45 and join us!

On December 15th we will have our annual potluck supper and Chanukah Family service - with a new twist! We will have the first ever Latke contest where people can compete with their most beloved tasty treat as we get to sample their luscious latkes. 

Everyone is a winner at Emet, so prizes will be awarded to all the latke chefs who participate! 

Bring your Chanukiah as we will kindle the light of the 4th night together. We will have our Shabbat service with a "sermon in song" that evening as we sing our holiday favorites together! 

After, we will eat sufganiyot (jelly donuts) and other tasty treats at our Oneg to follow. 

On the 21st, 33 of us will be traveling to Cuba together and share the last Shabbat of 2017 with other Jewish travelers on the cruise ship ~ what a miracle that will be (along with the hard and devoted work of Mark Reichard ~ our travel guru extraordinaire!)

There will be more opportunities to travel together for smaller journeys in 2018 and with the much requested return to Israel trip in 2019. Please plan ahead!

May this month be merry and full of the light and joy of the season for all of you.

It's a miracle we are here, in our 8th year, and have so much to share and celebrate ~ b'yachad ~ together!

Chag Chanukat Sameach!!

Happy Chanukah & Holidays ~ with love, 
Rabbi Didi

Watch Erev Rosh Hashanah & Rosh Hashanah Day services here now! 

Be prepared for Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur's sermons and learning as they all weave and ultimately link together.

G'mar Chatimah Tovah!

May you be sealed for goodness! 

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Sun, December 17 2017 29 Kislev 5778