Message from Rabbi Cantor Didi 

Rabbi Cantor's Corner

Chag Sameah!

We have come through our "Days of Awe" and are now moving into our festival of Thanksgiving and joy in the gift of each other, our Temple family, and Torah.

Words can't express the gratitude I feel for being your spiritual leader, and for all the volunteers who make Emet the fabulous community it is for High Holy Days and every day!

We drove a stake into the ground at our Break-the-Fast which will support our Sukkah which we will decorate on Friday, October 6th, together. We will have our annual Pot-luck Supper at 6pm, decorate the Sukkah, and shake our Lulav & Etrog (fulfilling the Mitzvah) reminding us that God is everywhere. 

We will have our Shabbat Service at 7:30pm which will include Simchat Torah, where we unroll the Torah around the Sanctuary allowing everyone the opportunity to celebrate our wonderful gift of Torah! This is quite spectacular and something to see if you haven't before so please be sure to mark your calendars and come!

Also, all of our Adult Education classes are starting this month. Make 5778 the year to broaden your connection to Judaism and come study with us! Check the calendar, and your email for reminder notices. 

Movie Matinee and Dinner (with me) takes place every 2nd Tuesday. If you aren't interested in seeing the movie, feel free to join in for dinner. We have a great time getting together! 

Game night is back!! Every month there will be the opportunity to play games and have a lot of fun with friends. It's October 17th, at 7pm. 

We are having a painting extravaganza on October 8th at 1pm, which promises to be a true delight!

This past month we had a wonderful Emmy awards viewing at the home of Roberta & Steve Greenberg (Thanks for hosting!).



We also cast our sins into the sea (at Tashlich) and are looking forward to a wonderful year in 5778 with increased opportunities to share and celebrate yad b'yad "hand-in- hand" together! 

B'ahavah, with love,
Rabbi Didi

Watch Erev Rosh Hashanah & Rosh Hashanah Day services here now! 

Be prepared for Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur's sermons and learning as they all weave and ultimately link together.

G'mar Chatimah Tovah!

May you be sealed for goodness! 

Erev RH Sermon:
RH Day Sermon:
Sat, October 21 2017 1 Cheshvan 5778