Message from Rabbi Cantor Didi 




Hi All,

I hope your Summer has been wonderful and filled with happy sun filled memories.

For us, here, behind the scenes of your Synagogue - we are deep into High Holy Day preparation. The musicians, soloists, and myself, are doing everything we can to make these upcoming "Days of Awe" filled with wonder, inspiration, and elevation. 

On August 22nd, we shift into the month of Elul where we are truly meant to begin our process of introspection to prepare ourselves for the  prayer, and teshuva, (repentance) necessary for a truly meaningful experience. 

Diana Wolff is Chairing High Holy Days. If there is anything you would like to do to volunteer (most particularly chanting Torah or Haftarah) please let Diana or me know ASAP?!

It's hard to think about High Holy Days when it feels like summer ~ but, we must. 

Please invite friends to our remaining Open Houses and to High Holy Days as well?

Our Open Houses are:

Friday, August 4th, with a Pot-luck dinner @ 6pm.
Friday, August 18th, with an Italian Supper @ 6pm.

Saturday, August 19th, (which includes the Bat Mitzvah of our Musical Director's granddaughter Melody pictured below) with a catered brunch for all. The service begins @ 10am with brunch immediately following. 

And, Friday, September 8th, the last Open House of our membership season with a festive BBQ dinner at 6pm - courtesy of the Men's Club!

Come join us!


This past month we had a fabulous Sisterhood Installation. We are so grateful for all of the ladies who help make Emet the warm, wonderful, and welcoming community we are!

We began this month with our Tisha B'Av service commemorating the destruction of the two Holy Temples (as well as many dark moments in Judaic history falling on Tisha B'Av / the 9th of Av itself) and culminating the most negative historical three weeks leading up to it. 

Oftentimes, people in present day are plagued with feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and/ or experiences of negativity during this three week period. So much so, that we are advised by our Sages to stay away from water (ie., oceans and lakes) on the 9th of Av to ward off calamity. 

All that behind us, we now shift toward the business at hand; Rebuilding the Holy Temple we have within our own being and fortifying our physical one - Temple Emet. 

We are blessed to have our beautiful Mishkan Tefilah - "our dwelling house of prayer" - and each other. 

It's important to fortify our Synagogue reserves for a long lasting future and ourselves as well. 

It's important to share the love, warmth, and wonder that is Emet ~ and why WE are TRULY different. 

We, are the jewel of the South Bay lighting the way toward deeper connection to spirituality and inclusivity in life, worship, community, and prayer.

Now is the time: Spread the word, invite your friends (or people you meet) and celebrate all that is Emet!

B'ahavah, with love, Rabbi Didi

Video for past services is available on a Temple Emet flash drive for a donation of $18

"Everything Emet Eats" Cookbook is here!

Cookbooks are here and available for purchase! The books are $18.00  

To purchase your copy, call, text, or email Judi Fradkin  at (310)612-2031 or

Make check payable to Temple Emet Sisterhood.  They will make the perfect Mothers Day gift.  

Red Carpet Photos - Academy Awards

Some "Red Carpet" photos of our Academy Awards Event!


Superbowl 51 - at Temple Emet

Fri, August 18 2017 26 Av 5777